Welcome to the In-Between

By: Tamisha A. Tyler

This poem was written in acknowledgement of the various stages we find ourselves in, and how art is always present…

The stage is dark
The rhythmic clanging of your heel against the floor resonates
It is nostalgic and hollow
Miles away a 12 year old hangs onto her cello and bows
Hands still shaking
As she manages to offer a weak smile to her enthusiastic parents

Less than 5 feet away stands her teacher and conductor
Who also bows smiles and shakes
And wonders if his condition will steal this moment
In the same way it has stolen his art

Further away still a couple slowly dances in their living room
Her head leaned back and nestled into his neck
His hands wrapped around her from behind
Resting on her belly
The three of them awaiting the moment that changes everything

Next door sits a man with dementia
Who every year paints a picture of himself
In an attempt to capture a fading reality
Or perhaps challenge it

In the next state over a woman finds herself face to face
With a rope dyed scarlet
It is never-ending as it snakes itself around the room
In it she sees her bondage
In it she finds her freedom

Whether near or far
In a state of finding ourselves or losing

We wait

I am just not sure what else we should be doing

Note: Originally posted on tamishatyler.com

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