Guild Reflections

Genesis 3

By: Jennifer Kerr Budziak, GEL Member I.who told you something was missing?who told you were incomplete?who told you all you are is not enough?who told you?who gave you reason to be covered?who gave you cause to hide away?who gave you knowledge that you knowledge lacked?who told you?the garden lies behindand you cannot hear methe darkness … Continue reading Genesis 3

Liminality, Communitas, and Hope

Author Note: This essay will be part of a book currently in-progress. While not necessary, you can read Part I here. Modernity’s collapse and our collective thrust into the transitional “flux” marking today’s global insecurity surely suggests the need for a serious study of transitions. Navigating unstable times without a sense as to the “why” and “how” of the … Continue reading Liminality, Communitas, and Hope

The Great Empty

Dr. Lisa Withrow is a former professor of leadership and currently is a life and leadership coach and conflict management consultant, who has published several works on the nature of liminality. Photography has long been my solace and my escape from everyday stresses and expectations. I have fussed with apertures and shutter speeds, filters and … Continue reading The Great Empty

What I learnt about what goes on at funerals from Victor Turner

Nigel Rooms is the Leader of Partnership for Missional Church UK, Church Mission Society; Associate Priest at St. Peter’s, Braunstone Park, Leicester; Editor of Practical Theology and Co-Editor of Ecclesial Futures; freelance researcher, consultant, facilitator, author, editor and spiritual director. Correspond with Nigel at Interpreting behaviour and transforming practice at funerals with liminal theory … Continue reading What I learnt about what goes on at funerals from Victor Turner

Masked and Unmasked

If there is one thing that has become emblematic of this season of pandemic, it is the mask. We are masked, we mask ourselves, we sell and buy masks, we scramble for masks, we resent having to wear masks. Public spaces contain masked people scattering to and fro. We notice who is and who isn’t … Continue reading Masked and Unmasked

Cure for Despondency (The Problem of Time and Eternity) with Nicole Roccas

By: Deb Gregory Dr. Nicole Roccas joins me to talk about the problem of time and eternity. She suggests three ancient cures for despondency that still work today. Nicole is a historian and adjunct faculty member at the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College in Toronto. She is the author of the books Time … Continue reading Cure for Despondency (The Problem of Time and Eternity) with Nicole Roccas

Welcome to the In-Between

By: Tamisha A. Tyler This poem was written in acknowledgement of the various stages we find ourselves in, and how art is always present… The stage is darkThe rhythmic clanging of your heel against the floor resonatesIt is nostalgic and hollowMiles away a 12 year old hangs onto her cello and bowsHands still shakingAs she … Continue reading Welcome to the In-Between

From: Plato, To: Activists for Love and Justice (Re: Covid-19)

By Michelle Trebilcock 18th May 2020 [These words have been written from my home on Wurundjeri Country of the Kulin Nations in the land called Melbourne, Australia. I pay my respects to their elders past, present and emerging who are the continuing sovereign custodians of this land despite the crimes of colonisation.] For those of us … Continue reading From: Plato, To: Activists for Love and Justice (Re: Covid-19)


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